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by SixFigureStart | April 16, 2010


Here at Vault, we're committed to digging out the best job opportunities on offer anywhere in the world, at any given moment. Of late, those opportunities have seemed somewhat thin on the ground, but over the last few weeks there's been something of a trend emerging: the number of companies announcing hiring plans is starting to gain ground on the number announcing layoffs. Having kept an eye on the situation this week, I though I'd take the opportunity to round up the best hiring news over the past 5 days. So here you go:

  • UPS is hiring drivers--25,000 of them, to be precise. Why not check out what current employees think of the company?

  • Wyoming is hiring a workplace fatality epidemiologist. There are over 430 profession descriptions on Workplace fatality epidemiologist is not one of them.

  • Tech Companies are hiring. Those include Apple, Intel, and Google. Which is funny, because the DOJ is concerned that those same companies aren't hiring from each other. So presumably when Apple finds the iPad Camera Engineer it's looking for, they'll have a non-big-tech background.

  • Lloyds is said to be hiring 35 for a fixed-income unit, likely to be based in London. Check out the company's European profile, and bear in mind that over 40 percent of the bank is owned by the UK government. Meanwhile, here in the US, Wall Street is hiring again, with the strongest demand being for "traders of exotic financial investments such as derivatives, and risk managers whose job it is to keep companies from repeating the reckless bets that imploded and nearly toppled the financial system 18 months ago."

  • Firms in Canada "plan to boost hiring and investment in the coming year as their sales increase." Fingers crossed for increasing sales, then.

  • Convergys is hiring 150 in the Tri-State area. (That's the Illinois-Indiana-Kentucky tri-state, folks.) What does Convergys do? According to Vault's profile, it's "one of the world's leading providers of customer care, human resources and billing outsourcing services."

  • Safelite is hiring 195 for a call center in Phoenix, AZ. Safelite is a vehicle glass replacement company. Sprint is also hiring for a call center--it's looking for "more than 100" people in Texas.

  • Into hockey? The Tampa Bay Lightning need a head coach and a GM.

  • Plastek Industries is hiring 250 in North Carolina. Or will be, as soon as it opens a new plant there.

  • ArvinMeritor is to start hiring in Detroit.

  • The census bureau is STILL hiring. In Las Vegas and Oklahoma for sure, and likely a bunch of other places too. Want more information on landing a job with them? Check out this post from a few weeks back to get the lowdown on how to go about it.

  • Infosys is looking to hire 30,000 techies. That's right THIRTY THOUSAND. Mainly in India, but the number includes "over 2000 from overseas." View Infosys' profile.

  • An organization in the U.K. is planning a £60 million hiring spree this summer. Unfortunately, the organization in question is Manchester United, so unless you're an internationally renowned soccer star, you might want to focus your energies elsewhere.

  • Good news for upcoming grads: employers are planning to hire 5.3 percent more from the current graduating class than they did last year.

  • Bad news for Illinois? The State isn't hiring a kayaking czar after all. Which is just as well: that's another profession description we don't have!

  • And, finally, a windfall for lawyers (and I swear this isn't in for the keywords): Elin Woods is hiring a lawyer. No word yet on whether it's the same one as Larry King. Or Goldman Sachs. (OK, maybe that was about search engine results after all!)

--Posted by Phil Stott,


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