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by SixFigureStart | November 16, 2009


Writer’s Preface: Time to get nervous. One of my network contacts told me that they went through three interviews with a prospective employer. The company promised a response by the end of last week. When my contact followed up to see if a decision had been reached, she was told that they have not made a decision yet. She was further informed that the company will make their decision by the middle of this week.

I have had similar experiences with this job search, as well as with some of my previous searches. I can understand not getting a response if there are several hundred applicants for a position. It would be unrealistic to expect that a prospective employer would contact all applicants. If however, you were called back for a second interview, and then another candidate was chosen, I think it is only fair that the company contact you, and let you know that the position was filled with another candidate. It seems that there are too many instances where, after two or three interviews with a company, they do not answer your calls or e-mails when you ask them about the status of your application. Yes, being upset about not getting the job is to be expected, however, I would hope that the top candidates could get a response, so that there is some degree of closure regarding that position.

As promised, here is the second, and final installment of the piece that has the working title “Nightmare!” Now, it is back to the job search grind. I am hopeful that both my contact and I are successful this week…but a little luck wouldn’t hurt :) Take care.[Read More]

--Posted by Howard K. Young, via The 405 Club

Nightmare: Part 1.