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by SixFigureStart | November 24, 2009


Writer’s Preface: Below, you will find the preamble for the article I planned to write this week. In one of the lines below, I mentioned

"I have not yet received a legitimate (employment) offer.” The subject was to be a light hearted look at some of the employment scams. By now I have probably received an e-mail from almost every work at home scam that exists. I was not, however, aware of a scam that had to do with paying you piecemeal for re-packaging and re-shipping merchandise delivered to your home. Mike C., one of my network contacts in logistics made me aware of this when I received what looked like a very interesting proposal. I have more information on my recently repaired desktop and I will be putting more work into that article this week. As I wrote the preamble, it seemed to take on a mind of its own. So I decided to give preamble more of my time and gave it the working title: My Holiday Message. Have a great week.

-Howard K. Young. [Read More]

--By Howard K. YoungThe 405 Club

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