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by SixFigureStart | March 26, 2009


We at Pink Slipped have blogged before about job opportunities in the government. Today's Washington Post has a pair of articles explaining why and how to get in on the Federal fun. Here's one take:

"Stephanie Caccomo, 24, who began working as a paralegal at the Justice Department during her senior year at George Washington University, said she initially saw the federal government as a good place to gain some practical experience before entering law school. She said she thought, 'How cool -- you can work for the government and get money.' Nine months ago, she took a job as an outreach specialist for the Federal Communications Commission and now envisions a career in the federal government, attracted by the nature of the work and the stability the job offers in unstable times. 'I can't make the millions that you can earn in the private sector, but I'm contributing to my retirement,' she said."

The thing to remember is that government positions encompass hugely different skill sets and professions. So why not put your MBA or JD to use within the Department of Treasury, the IRS, or Department of Homeland Security, for example? Head here to get started.

--Posted by Linda Petock, Vault News & Commentary