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by SixFigureStart | October 26, 2009


After I was laid off in March I quickly realized that my job search would be different than the one I’d engaged in only the year before, and all the other job searches I’d undertaken in two decades as a recruiter. A significant number of my former colleagues were out of work, and senior level jobs in the industries I had experience in – consulting, law, and banking – were increasingly hard to find, and still undergoing contraction. I knew I’d have to take on some part-time work to fill the days between interviews, and I was lucky to find a wide variety of odd jobs that kept my spirits up even if they didn’t exactly fill my bank account. I “babysat” for the bird of parents whose children I’d minded years ago, I dodged flying clothing while doing a retail stint at a sample sale, I cater-waitered for a comfort food entrepreneur, I petitioned for a Democratic candidate for District Attorney, served as a guinea pig for psych and science experiments at Columbia, and hit the streets to cast shopaholic women for a reality television show. Some of the jobs made me feel like I was back in college again and that all my years of professional experience had been mysteriously dissolved, and others proved valuable largely because the manual tasks involved helped me burn more calories than I ever had while working at a desk job. [Read More]

--Posted by Janet Raiffa's Recessionals, The 405 Club

Are you there God? It's me, Jobless


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