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by SixFigureStart | December 10, 2009


Interviews may or may not go well, but when one of them—particularly a good one at a job we wanted and the interviewer acted like our long, lost friend—doesn’t yield fruit, we get down on ourselves and beat ourselves up. Maybe we should work very hard at detaching. Be our own public relations person, as if the commodity—us—we are selling, is touted and pushed as in sales or marketing. After all, that is what we are doing each time.

Or perhaps we might take a lesson from celebrities and emulate some who are thoughtful and articulate. They calmly speak their minds and seem in sync with the interviewer on a talk show or in a magazine article. Some of them seem to know who they are and most seem to revel in the attention and approval they receive. They’re not afraid to gently challenge the interviewer or speak their minds, either. And they rarely offend. The interviewer and audience enjoy them..

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---By The Job Goddess Who Won’t Rest Till Everyone Is Put To Work!, The 405 Club

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