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by SixFigureStart | October 30, 2009


As usual, it's been something of a mixed bag here on Pink Slipped this week. In addition to the usual heavy lifting on the job seeking front (well, scouring the internet, Twitter, and every job advert we can find to highlight some of the best opportunities out there), we've done our best to bring you news of everything from free concerts to the benefits of failing (no, really) and the realities of the waiting period to land government jobs.

In addition to all of that, we also took the extremely optimistic view that folks out there still had some finances: as such, we nominated financial planning as our job search resource of the week, and came up with a different kind of planning, namely how to get more for your cash this holiday season.

As if that weren't enough, we've also been keeping on top of the extension of unemployment benefits, and offering the kind of insightful, life-changing advice (with bonus funny video) that has readers questioning why they ever go anywhere else to get their fix of internet distraction. I mean, really.

All of that has left us plumb tuckered out, as our trail-blazing forefathers liked to say, so we're off to re-invigorate ourselves by dressing up as investment bankers and going door to door begging for handouts for Halloween. It's got to be a winning strategy; given that we’re grown adults and our only competition is likely to come from a bunch of kids, we're definitely too big to fail, right? Assuming we make it back alive, we'll be right here with more lame humor and good ol' job seekin' tips next week.

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