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by SixFigureStart | October 16, 2009


And so another week draws to an end, and the time rolls around where we have to justify our miserable existence to our superiors cast a thoughtful eye back over the events of the week, and attempt to find the highlights.

Monday brought the news that Congress is stalling on extending unemployment benefits—a move that could have some pretty dire consequences for those whose benefits are likely to run out soon. (For some reason, there's also a picture of a giant pumpkin in that blog. Don't believe me? Click the link. I double dare you.)

Our Quote of the Day on Monday will likely have provided scant consolation to anyone facing a cash crunch, but even in the worst of times, it never hurts to be reminded that money doesn't buy happiness...right?

By Tuesday, we'd figured out the best alternative we could to claiming extended unemployment benefits: getting a job. While we know it's easier said than done right now, we did try and offer a couple of places to look, namely the world of consulting, and the world that Walt built.

Our ever-enthusiastic intern Sophie weighed in on Wednesday with some advice for the technologically challenged, while extra suggestions on the job search front were also to be had from our newest affiliates—New York-based "employment information and networking resource," the 405 Club.

Wednesday, you may recall, was also the day the Armed Forces announced that they'd met their hiring targets for the first time in 35 years--an event we just couldn't let go by without commentary. And, capping off one of the busier days on the blog this week, Todd unearthed a "road map to future careers" in the green field—something that includes information on the 15 best U.S. metro areas for clean tech jobs. If that's not worth a click, I don't know what is.

All that hard work left us free to coast into the weekend explore some roads less traveled. Thus, we ended the week with reports on a a new tool for job seekers from the New York State Department of Labor, and a bunch of suggestions on how The Brady Bunch can help with your layoff. (Yes, really.)

All told, then, another busy week, and one that's got us champing at the bit for some healthy outdoor activities over the next couple of days. Given the weather forecast here in New York, though, those are likely to be limited to "trying to control an umbrella in a gale" and "running as fast as possible from the office to subway." Ah, well. There's always next weekend. You know…the one that'll get here right after another week covering all things layoff-related here on Pink Slipped. That starts right here on Monday; hopefully we'll see you then.

--Posted by Phil Stott, Vault Staff Writer