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by SixFigureStart | June 26, 2009


The glorious week that was in Pink Slipped, recapped for you now in a 30-second capsule! Kind of makes you wonder if it was all worth it...

  • The unemployment rate hasn't started its grand decline just yet, but North Dakota keeps chugging along. Oh, yeah? You betcha.
  • Jobs In Your Area searched high and low for all sorts of delicious opportunities across this great nation, because, apparently, New York City isn't actually the center of the universe.
  • A second-year law associate looking for a career change and a disenfranchised job seeker attempted to Stump The Intern. She's resourceful, so she made it out unscathed. Danielle, on the other hand, wasn't so lucky with her internship. But desperate times call for garbage jobs (and result in classic Temporary Tales).
  • It's a whole new Vault these days, and as our web site relaunches with a fresh face, we highlight some of the great resources available, including content focused on diversity, sustainability, social responsibility -- all kinds of -ities (though unfortunately not the Dean of the University of Musical Perversity).
  • A bunch of layoff-trodden citizens found their way out of the recessiony fog and into the light of entrepeneurship, real estate mini-moguldom and invention. Check out their stories, if you can stand their success. Jerks.
  • Alex enthralled us with his latest Adventures In Interning. Then he brought me coffee and forgot the sugar! Someone's not getting their recommendation letter...
  • From the Department of Redundancy Department, Brooksville, FL actually had to install a formal dress code requiring city workers to wear underwear and deodorant. If you want to pull that free-spirited hippie bullcrap, you can just pack your stank up and move to Jacksonville!
  • In a bit of news that might please both you and your gainfully employed compatriots, HR programs given the ax by the recession might soon return.
  • It's Friday, go see the fireworks. Don't worry, it's free.

To find any of the above posts, scroll to the bottom of Pink Slipped and click 'View all entries.' Yea, we're still working out a few bugs and cranks from the ol' system. It's our first overhaul since '01 - be patient!

See you Monday, Pink Slipped. We'll be moonwalking for Michael all weekend long.

--Posted by Steven Schiff, Asst. Producer