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by SixFigureStart | August 28, 2009


Here in NYC it's been several days of heat, then back to the cool that characterized the rest of the dark and soggy summer. Thank goodness then for Pink Slipped, which provides bright ideas and commentary in any weather. (Ba-da-bump.) In any case, here's a quick wrap up of all the presents we brought you this week. (And it wasn't even your birthday!)

On Monday, we advised you that investment in yourself is bound to pay off more in the long run than gold-panning equipment, and reminded you that the suit does not necessarily make the man. (But feel free to donate one, if you have it, to Men's Wearhouse for men hoping to reenter the workforce.)

Tuesday we presented a somewhat stiffly produced clip (you'll see what we mean) on an imaginary job interview, and the job search resource of the week (Vault's discussion boards).

The following day we recounted how the USPS may spend up to $450 million to cut billions more out of its annual budget (along with as many as 30,000 workers). We also asked -- did you respond? -- if you agree that "the heaviest job cuts are behind us.".

Yesterday we dissected the Cash for Clunkers program and offered up eight takes on office life, sprinkled liberally with bits of humor and wisdom.

Thus, our jobs are done here, and can commence our weekly all-too-short embrace of endeavors that have no connection to work or career. See you on Monday!

--Posted by Todd Obolsky, Vault Staff Writer