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by SixFigureStart | December 07, 2009


You've got to hand it to Hulu. Not only have they come up with a product that has helped to revolutionize the way people watch TV, they're also doing something very few businesses in any field have done of late: hiring. And, just to prove that they're not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill company, they've gone and produced a job title that's anything but ordinary or run of the mill: they’re looking for a Minister of People.

That's not the only thing they're doing to set them apart in the hiring stakes. The job ad (which you can view by clicking the link above) identifies not only what the job entails, but an entire list of best and worst practice benchmarks that the people at the firm have identified by examining other companies. (No, really, I'm not making this up).

On the positive side, the firm is seeking to replicated the following traits:

    • Extremely well articulated missions and cultures
    • Compensation philosophies that are ideally suited to the mission of the company.
    • Highly unusual acts that demonstrate how important team members and their needs are to the company.
    • An extreme focus on culture, including scalable mechanisms to reinforce that culture.
    • Setting the quality bar at a level that most normal people would consider unreasonably high.

    Want to know more about the position? Set aside the half hour you'll need to make it through the 1,872 words of the full job description and click the link. Want to know if you can rule yourself out quickly? Well, if you're not a "a world-class senior executive" in the realm of "all things talent," you might be best served to continue your search elsewhere—somewhere with more regular job titles. Who knows, maybe Director of Social Media at McDonalds might be just your thing.

    AP Photo/John McConnico

    "Did someone say Hulu needs a Minister?"

    --Posted by Phil Stott,