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by SixFigureStart | March 12, 2009


south-africaResorts all over the world are responding to the recession by offering staggering luxury deals atexotic and beautiful destinations. Here are three places where it’s easy to travel well for less.

South Africa
With the recent devaluation of the Rand against the dollar, it is a great time for Americans to visit. 
The Mantis Collection, a prestigious group of game reserves and hotels in South Africa, is offering a summer package starting at $601.48* per person. You can spend two nights at one of the country’s five star Game Reserve and three nights at a Last Word Retreat, Cape Town’s very charming boutique accommodations.

South America
The dollar is strong and airfares are cheap. 
LAN Airlines is offering all inclusive package trips to Iguaçu falls in Argentina for under $1,600. It includes a two-night stay at a four star hotel in Buenos Aires, the flight to Iguaçu Falls, two nights at the five star Iguaçu Grand Hotel, and breakfast.

The economy has collapsed making it an affordable place to travel and soak in the famous hot springs. Recently, Iceland’s tourist board, airlines and tour operators 
launched a campaign of low fares and airfare-hotel packages, welcoming visitors at the airport with signs reading “Halfpriceland.”  Iceland Air is currently listing several tempting deals, including a 7-day “Glaciers, Geysers, and Waterfalls” tour at $200 off the regular price.

--Posted by Rachel Lehmann-Haupt,

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