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by SixFigureStart | January 21, 2009


Now that the new guy is squarely ensconced in the White House, we're all wondering what'll happen next. Security's probably a tad tighter in the Oval Office than that of the average work place, but apparently eavesdropping is on the rise. The Wall Street Journal reports that:

"While workplace eavesdropping has been going on for ages, fears about layoffs and corporate restructuring have left employees more attentive to what's going on around them. And as employees resort to eavesdropping, human-resources professionals say they are encountering cases of rumor-spreading in the workplace more frequently."

Makes sense to me. People are worried about their jobs and want to to be kept in the loop. I mean, just the other day I was walking by the kitchen and overheard... well, that's a post for another day. So what about you, Readers? Are your ears perpetually pricked? Drop us a line and let us know what you've been finding out:

--Posted by Linda Petock, Vault News & Commentary


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