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by SixFigureStart | February 20, 2009


On Wednesday we introduced you to a host of our favorite layoff blogs and trackers - the places we go to find the info we pass along to you. One of our favorites of the lot is Norm over at Jobless and Less, a guy who claims to "know all about unempoyment and this whole job search thing" by virtue of 4 layoffs in 8 years. As you may be able to relate, all that joblessness creates a lot of free time to finally tackle the old Netflix queue, and in a recent post, Norm reviews one of the movies he just watched, a very relevant documentary called Fired! After reading Norm's review, it seems like a decent viewing for those among our PinkSlipped ranks needing a little levity and humor. Here's a bit of the synopsis from the film's official site:

If you spend any time at all in the workplace you’re going to get laid off, down-sized, let go, out-sourced, axed, terminated, canned, cancelled, dismissed…FIRED!

When actress Annabelle Gurwitch was fired from a play by Woody Allen she wondered how she would cope with being fired by a cultural icon. Turning to friends in show business she was assured she was not alone. Once the subject had been broached, everyone she knew from her rabbi and gynecologists to her colleagues had advice and their own accounts of getting the boot to offer. This set her off on a journey to answer the question: was being fired going to be the best thing or worst thing that had happened in her working life.

That first sentence sounds just about right to us. We've all been there, and layoffs are unfortunately part of the harsh reality of the job market right now, so this weekend let's all go get Fired! (as in rent the movie, people!) for a bit of perspective and a few laughs. Report back here with your reviews, and once again, Happy Friday to all!

--Posted by Steven Schiff, Vault News & Commentary