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by SixFigureStart | April 28, 2009


Here at Vault, we are all about giving you the best, most detailed information about companies, industries, professions and career trends. Specifically, at Pink Slipped, we want to foster a communal vibe, where anyone affected by the recession -- ie everyone, not just those who have been laid off -- can come for job search advice, inspiration, a much needed laugh, hiring trends, or simply a conversation with others in the same boat.

That final element of Pink Slipped's mission is what has led us to today's exciting announcement: We are now tweeting! As of this moment, you're officially invited to follow us @VaultPinkSlip to help spread the layoff gospel. It is our hope that we'll be able to interact directly with even more of you and that you and your vast networks of followers will soon be sharing all sorts of vital information to help make your layoff pay off. We have used this space before to emphasize the importance of utilizing social networking sites like twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to build your personal brand and enhance your job search (see below), and it seems only right that we join in so that we can better help you to do so.

So we want to open up the discussion. How many of you are already on twitter? How has it helped your job search? What about other social networks? According to this article on TwiTip, "Statistics show that job search networking is much more effective when you make 'loose' connections - touching base with people beyond your immediate circle whose networks and contacts are much different from your own. With over 3 million users, Twitter offers an unparalleled opportunity to create an extended network." Agree? Follow us and let's discuss!

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--Posted by Steven Schiff, Vault News & Commentary