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by SixFigureStart | December 07, 2009


You know the drill. Every year when the holidays roll around, in the office you’re bound to have a full on holiday party, a few luncheons and oh yes, the ubiquitous random (not to mention stale) toffee sent in by vendors. Here are a few reasons why you should be oh-so-thankful you don’t have an office to call home during the holiday season:

*No extraneous snacks, no problems! Remember the good ol’ days? You know you do. You’d walk by the printer and oh, what do we have here? A few truffles. On the way to the conference room you’d find a leftover catered breakfast (yeah, as in breakfast burritos, not bagels) and in the late afternoon there would be cookies and cake and otherwise calorie-infested treats. Without the office consider yourself five pounds lighter this holiday season! [Read More]

--Vicki Salemi, The 405 Club

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