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by SixFigureStart | September 23, 2009


According to Forrester Research, marketing budgets shrank 20% or more in the last year. Chances are, yours probably has, too. So, if you can’t spend the big bucks anymore, you might want to consider reaching potential clients through a much less expensive method: the online message board.

A message board is an online discussion area modeled after a traditional bulletin board, where like-minded users can join to talk about common issues and relay their own expertise on a variety of subjects. These forums can be found just about everywhere, and can provide fantastic public, free-of-charge marketing opportunities for business owners in a variety of industries. Professional services companies – accounting and law firms, IT/computer and management consulting businesses, etc. – can use them to showcase their unique expertise and build credibility to attract potential clients. Tech retailers will find an endless plethora of relevant message boards with active, avid customers. [Read more]

--Posted by Julia Rogers,

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