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by SixFigureStart | October 19, 2009


From the picturesque buildings to the awe inspiring landscapes, there is a reason people like Zurich so much. Designer boutiques and culinary treasures lie behind every corner, while world-class ski resorts are just a short ride away. Meanwhile, with the unemployment rate in the U.S. rising to 9.8. percent last month, abandoning the States for a better life overseas may have never sounded like a more rational decision. Of course, picking up and leaving isn’t quite that simple.

Job prospects in many exotic locales are even bleaker than they are in the States, while the benefit from a low cost of living could easily be offset by high taxes or low wages in other cities across Europe.

To sort through the confusion, Ditch the Downturn will outline the pros and cons of moving to new cities abroad. Today we take on Zurich, known for its high wages, high cost of living, and nearly nonexistent taxes. [Read more]

--Posted by Stephanie Miles,

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