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by SixFigureStart | March 12, 2009


Wondering what happened after that stimulus bill was passed -- where's that money going (hopefully far away from any bankers) and when are those jobs (blue-collar and otherwise) that were promised going to appear? The White House issued a release today addressing this very question. In keeping with Vault’s promise to our Pink Slipped readers to provide regional info and news on a regular basis, here are some noteworthy tidbits about how those funds have begun to trickle down (a few million dollars at a time) to people and places across the U.S.


This article from U.S. News and World Report discusses the effect of the package on energy programs and green energy "manufacturers."


Richmond is just one of the towns with firm funding in hand -- with $2 million in stimulus bucks, it is finally repairing its Bridge Street bridge. Vermont is doling out some $126 million for transportation projects in the upper half of the state, including other bridge work in Barre, Brownington, and East Montpelier, and road paving in Colchester, Rockingham and Royalton -- and that's just in 2009-2010. Another 20 projects will be submitted to local contractors for bidding shortly.


From WJBF, 3/5/09:

The Augusta Housing Authority received $6.1 million, just enough to finish off a renovation project : the top six floors of a high-rise home to elderly residents. The effort -- the building is 40 years old, and had never been "refreshed" -- was previously stalled due to the dreaded "lack of funds." Another $1 milllion was set aside by the municipality to work on the local homeless problem, and more is reserved for "creating affordable housing and economic opportunities" for families of middle and lower income.


From Baltimore Sun, 3/10/09:

More than $1 billion of Maryland's federal stimulus pie is set aside to benefit education. It will be used to maintain (i.e. freeze) the current tuition costs at state universities, and provide for grants and increased tuition tax credits. It will also boost financial aid available for persons enrolled in the state's community colleges, which have seen bumps in enrollment as students seek to pad their resumes with new skill sets.


From Michigan Messenger, 3/9/09:

Federal stimulus grants announced last week are preventing the layoffs of four people in Jackson, Michigan's police department. The money is part of the Justice Assistance Grants (JAG) program, and more funding is expected later under another program which focuses on community policing efforts. The town budget for Jackson (pop. 36,000), is running at a $2 million deficit.


From Finance and Commerce, 3/9/09:

Minnesota's getting almost $600 million to spend on transportation-related initiatives. (That's $502 million for Minnesota highways and bridges and $92 million for mass transit.) The department of transportation will open new projects to local contractors for bidding every two weeks (through the end of June). Through 2010, more than 60 stimulus-connected construction, bridge and road works will take off throughout the state.


From WTVF News Channel 5, 3/9/09:

June and July 2009 will see as many as 12,000 young adults -- especially those with "barriers" that would otherwise keep them from working, like poor literacy or homelessness -- out in full force. The $25 million package awarded to the Tennessee Department of Labor will grant selected businesses some "free" extra hands. The state is polling for companies to participate; according to one DoL staffer, "Basically, employers fill out the time sheets, the department pays the paycheck and kids get the employment. Everybody wins in this situation."

--Posted by Aman Singh Das, Vault Editor and Todd Obolsky, Vault News & Commentary


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