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by SixFigureStart | February 13, 2009


When you've been laid off, or if your budget is tight, there are certain things you can live without. For example, manicures or that extra drink at the bar. But what of love, romance, sex? That's another matter entirely! According to the New York Times, the online dating industry is booming:

"Those in the online dating industry say the increased traffic can be explained by at least a few factors: unemployed and underemployed people have more time on their hands to surf the Web, and online dating is a relatively inexpensive way to meet people. Offline matchmakers add that organized dating events are cheaper than financing a series of potentially stultifying meals with blind dates. And some experts say singles seek the comfort of relationships during difficult times."

Turns out all of this "comfort seeking" is translating into a surge in condom sales.

Well then. Whether you're employed or still looking, coupled up or playing the field, why not celebrate Cupid this weekend by doing something that's cheap, fun, and uplifting? The economy can wait...

--Posted by Linda Petock, Vault News & Commentary