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by SixFigureStart | January 14, 2009


Vault's career coach, Debra Wheatman, is featured in a article called "The Worst Interview and Resume Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them". Here's an excerpt:

A few minutes into an interview with a promising advertising sales representative, the candidate's cellphone rang. Instead of being embarrassed that he forgot to shut it off, he asked the recruiter, Debra Wheatman, "Do you mind if I grab this for one quick sec?"


Of course she minded.


That he answered the phone spoke volumes about him. His résumé went straight into the trash. It didn't matter how qualified he was; Wheatman wasn't hiring someone who valued a cellphone call over a job opportunity.

Seems like common sense, right?  But you'd be surprised at how many obvious blunders you may be guilty of until they've been specifically pointed out to you.  To read more excellent advice, be sure to check out Deb's Vault blog, Deb's Career Corner.

--Posted by Linda Petock, Vault News & Commentary