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by SixFigureStart | April 16, 2009


If you haven't seen the clip of unemployed 47-year-old Scottish charity worker Susan Boyle wowing the unwowable Simon Cowell on Britain's Got Talent, you need to set aside a few minutes right now and prepare to be inspired before this video stops lighting the internet on fire. The setup is simple: Frumpy looking middle aged woman takes the stage and professes her dreams of stardom. Eyes roll. Channels change. Out comes the first note and.... A-WHAAAAA?!? Didn't see that coming.

I first saw this on
G.L. Hoffman's blog, being offered as inspiration for all the frustrated job seekers who ask him "How can I maintain a positive attitude, which I know I need, when nothing is going right for me?" As a somewhat cynical type, I have struggled with this before in my life. And really, who among us hasn't? I'm also not a fan of canned talent show programs like this one even in the slightest, but if the chills running down your spine or the tears welling up in your eyes don't answer the above question for you, then you need to check your pulse.

You go get em, Susan Boyle!

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--Posted by Steven Schiff, Vault News & Commentary