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by SixFigureStart | May 11, 2009


Last month, I lost my job as chief operating officer at a multimedia startup; because it’s my second bout of unemployment in two years, I have some idea of what works and what doesn’t. And one thing’s for sure: using the kitchen table as an office does not work.

For starters, snacking is a constant temptation. Then, there is all the paper: multiple revisions of resumes (with and without snack stains), fliers from networking events, business cards, letters from the unemployment office. During my last jobless phase, the table would be a mess at the end of each day. I’d shuffle the papers into a pile, but it never really went away, and it was never organized. So this time I consulted an expert, Kacy Paide, founder of The Inspired Office in Washington, D.C.

A professional organizer with job coaching experience, Paide helps her clients create elegant, effective, efficient work spaces. It doesn’t take much—I started with a corner of my den, a chair, and a laptop, but for just $108.89 got a mini-office and got a more productive, inspired me. I’ll share her tips in a two-part series that starts with arranging your space: [more]

--Posted by Katie Kemple,

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