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by Mike Chen | July 13, 2007


Application Availability and Deadlines


Throughout the application season, I will provide updates integral to the admissions process, such as submission deadlines and MBA forums and other events.


This week, I provide initial application availability for twenty of the top schools.  Next week, I will cover top international business schools.


Several notes:

Program Type:

Except where noted, the application status lists Full-Time programs for Fall 2008 entry only.  Please see each school’s website for further details on Part-Time and/or Executive MBA programs where applicable.


Web Links:

I have listed the entire URLs where you can locate the relevant information.  The easiest way to access these sites is to either copy the entire URL into your web browser or simply type the root URL and browse to the appropriate site.


Deadline Timing Conventions:

  • For you procrastinators, I have listed the exact time for which applications need to be submitted.  Please note time zones carefully.  I know this is being picky but you’d be surprised how many applications get pushed to the next round because applicants missed a deadline by a few hours.
  • For international applicants, take special note of U.S.daylight savings time (DST).  Note: 500 PM daylight savings time = 400 PM standard time.  For 2007,U.S. daylight savings time ends 04 November, 200 AM local time.
  • Although every school’s website that I visited indicates standard time (i.e., EST, PST, etc) as a deadline, in reality this indicates daylight savings time (i.e., EDT, PDT, etc) for all deadline dates before05 November 2007.
  • For schools without an exact deadline time listed, please assume 500 PM local time just to be safe.  When a school lists a deadline asmidnight, I have listed it as 1159 PM to avoid confusion.


Applications Currently Available:


Columbia University GSB:

  • Early decision filing period begins 15 August 2007and ends 10 October 2007. 
  • School is in Eastern time zone.


  • The first-round deadline is02 October 2007, 500 PM EDT = 200 PM PDT.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan):

  • The first-round deadline is30 October 2007, 300 PM EDT = 1200 Noon PDT.

New YorkUniversity (Stern):

  • Fall 2007 Part-Time Program: Although the school’s website officially lists15 May 2007as the deadline, the front-page indicates that applications for Fall 2007 entry are still being accepted.
  • Spring 2008 Part-Time Program: Application deadline is15 September 2007, 1159 PM EDT = 859 PM PDT.
  • Fall 2008 Full-Time Program: Applications are not yet available.

Northwestern University (Kellogg):

  • Fall 2007 Quarter, Part-Time Program: Application deadline is20 July 2007.
  • Winter 2008 Quarter, Part-Time Program: Application deadline is19 October 2007.
  • Fall 2008 Full-Time Program: Applications are not yet available.

Stanford University GSB:

  • The first-round deadline is22 October 2007, 800 PM EDT = 500 PM PDT.


Applications Available Soon:


University of California, Berkeley (Haas):

  • Fall 2008 application will be available in August; however the essay questions are available on the website. 
  • The first-round deadline is05 November 2007, 1159 PM PST =06 November 2007, 259 AM EST.

University of California, Los Angeles (Anderson):

  • Fall 2008 application will be available by 04 September 2007. 
  • The first-round deadline is24 October 2007, 1159 PM PDT = 259 AM EDT.

University of Chicago GSB:

  • Fall 2008 application will be available in July 2007. 
  • The first-round deadline is17 October 2007, 600 PM EDT = 500 PM EDT.

University of Michigan (Ross):

  • Fall 2008 application will be available in early August 2007. 
  • First-round deadline is 01 November 2007. 
  • School is in Eastern time zone.

University of North Carolina (Kean-Flagler):

  • Fall 2008 application will be available in late August 2007. 
  • First-round deadine is 27 October 2007. 
  • School is in Eastern time zone.

University of Virginia (Darden):

  • Fall 2008 will be application available soon. 
  • Early Action deadline is 01 November 2007, 1159 PM EDT = 859 PM PDT. 
  • Note: Darden does not have an official first-round deadline.  The first two rounds are ‘Early Action’ and ‘Round 2’.

YaleUniversity (School of Management):

  • Fall 2008 applications will be available in “late summer.” 
  • First-round deadline is 24 October 2007. 
  • School is in Eastern time zone.

Applications not yet available:

CarnegieMellonUniversity (Tepper):


CornellUniversity (Johnson):


DartmouthUniversity (Tuck):


University of Pennsylvania (Wharton):

Fall 2008 applications are not yet available.  However, Wharton has an active year-round online forum with admissions committee members regularly contributing:


University of Southern California (Marshall):


University of Texas at Austin (McCombs):





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