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by Erik Sorenson | May 27, 2009


More and more executives have become less and less interested in their so-called careers.  Instead, they have narrowed their focus and simply want a job.  Some execs have been out of work for a while now and are broadening (and lowering?) their sights when it comes to what qualifies as a “good job.”  Many are now willing to accept a non-management position and lower pay, as long as the position comes with benefits and a bit of security.

There is one employer that is offering thousands of jobs with titles like these:

ü  Administration & Program Staff

ü  IT Management Specialist

ü  Contract Specialist

ü  Management & Program Analyst

ü  Human Resources Specialist

ü  Civil Engineer

ü  Budget Analyst

ü  Financial Administrator

They sound pretty good, eh?  Who is that employer?   Uncle Sam, that’s who.  Your federal tax dollars at work.  The Department of Treasury comes to Manhattan looking for ex bank employees who can help manage the government’s new assets, toxic or otherwise.  FDIC and IRS need help too.  New laws, new policies and new federal dollars are combining to drive demand.  And though they may forestall it after peeking at their 401k’s, thousands and thousands of boomer federal workers are approaching retirement which will further spike the need for new employees.

The challenge for Uncle Sam and you is … the system.  Burdened with layers of rules imposed by Congress, federal agencies have a difficult time identifying, recruiting and hiring top workers from the private sector.  And those same rules & regulations are even more onerous to candidates who have difficulty finding the open positions, navigating the process, translating the nomenclature and waiting (and waiting) for a result. 

That said, given the climate and the prognosis for recovery, maybe the hassle and the wait is worth your while.  Also, Congress and the White House have made efforts to circumvent some process for mission-critical jobs.  A lot of information can be found at and supporting insights can be found at  Even if you’re not interested in government employment for yourself, this is an issue you ought to bone up on in your role as taxpayer (“employer”).


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