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by Vault Careers | May 28, 2010


This is the third and final part of this week's look at getting government jobs in the wake of pending changes to speed up federal hiring practices. So far, we've looked at the Top 10 Government Agencies hiring right now, and the Top 10 occupations the government is hiring.

Vault guide to government agency hiring coverAs any veteran property-hunter could tell you, location is everything when it comes to determining market value. So it goes with finding a job: location is a major element in people's decision-making--whether it's to get away from an area they don't want to be in, or to find a job close enough to home so that finding a new house isn't a necessary part of starting a new job. With all of that in mind, then, it makes perfect sense that the folks at would also break down their information by location. Accordingly, I've taken the liberty of reproducing their top 10 for the following list:

Top 10 Locations for Government Hiring

  1. DC - Washington DC: 2696 postings to date in 2010
  2. Not Specified: 1265 postings
  3. VA - Alexandria, Arlington & Falls Church: 1042 postings
  4. The Middle East: 825 postings
  5. MD - Montgomery County: 561 postings
  6. CA - San Diego County: 516 postings
  7. TX - San Antonio: 497 postings
  8. VA - Norfolk: 466 postings
  9. PA - Philadelphia Metro area: 446 postings
  10. VA - Prince Wm & Stafford Counties: 372 postings
Read the full list.

For more insight on government careers, check out the Vault Guide to Government Agency Careers

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