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by Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio | June 05, 2009


David Letterman,move aside (again), because here is my top 10 list for why people get disgustedwith their job search!

#10:            Yousend out 32 resumes, and then notice a typo

#9:            Yoursubway gets delayed causing you to run to your interview like an out of controllocomotive

#8:            Yourink jet printer doesn’t resemble a jet of any kind

#7:            Theperson interviewing you yawns about 7 times, so much so that you see their tonsilsand back fillings

#6:            Theperson interviewing you spins around in their chair several times during yourinterview and you secretly hope the chair dislodges from its base

#5:            Youget your 57th automated response saying the same thing “don’t callus, we’ll call you”

#4:            Yousweat profusely during your interviews

#3:            Whenyou walk out of the interviewer’s office, you walk into their glass wall,smashing your head and nose

#2:            Onemore question about your strengths and weaknesses will visibly make you sick…..


And the #1 reason why you are disgusted withyour job search:  “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going totake it anymore!”


There is justsomething about shouting and screaming this phrase out that will help youtremendously.  Get it out with asmuch zest as you can muster:  “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going totake it anymore!”

And now that it’sover with, let’s get back to your job search.  There are 6 steps to any job search and as Coach Lombardionce said – it’s about getting the basics right that will win the game:

Step #1:  identify your target:  your industry, your function, yourgeography

Step #2:  marketing materials:  make sure you have an exceptionalresume, a well written cover letter, a great online profile (on

Step #3:  research:  do “google alerts” on the companies that you really want towork for and become an expert

Step #4:  networking/interviewing:  networking is about creating a longterm mutually beneficial relationship of give and take … so it’s not aboutasking for a job.  It’s abouttalking to people and following up in a creative way.  Ensure you know exactly how to interview well and test yourreadiness with someone who knows good technique from bad

Step #5:  Staying motivated & organized &troubleshooting your job search: make sure you balance your search with other activities, so you don’tlose your patience or your mind for that matter.  Volunteer for others less fortunate than you.  Make sure you walk for at least 30minutes a day to feel better.  And takenotes after each interaction:  areyou messing up in one particular area and if so, get help in that area.

Step #6:  Negotiate and close:  Keep your focus through the entire jobsearch.  When you get close to anoffer, that is when you have to focus more than ever.  When you do get that offer, make sure you negotiate for cashand non-cash items because everything is important to consider.

Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio is the co-founder ofSixFigureStart (, a career coaching firm that partnerswith individuals through every stage of their job search.  




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