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by Phil Stott | January 10, 2012


The 2012 Vault Consulting Rankings for Europe and Asia are Here!


It's shaping up to be a good year for McKinsey. Not only is the firm the world's most prestigious consulting outfit, it has also emerged as the Best Consulting Firm to Work For in both the 2012 Vault Consulting 25 Europe and the Vault Consulting 25 Asia rankings.

McKinsey overtook Bain in both regions this year, with its top marks for prestige combining with improved employees scores for quality of life issues to push the firm to the top of the overall consulting rankings.


The rankings are a result of Vault’s annual consulting survey. More than 500 consulting professionals of all levels in Asia Pacific and almost 1,700 professionals in Europe assessed their peer consulting firms on a scale of 1 to 10 based on prestige (respondents were unable to rate their own employers and rated only firms with which they were familiar). Consultants also ranked their own firm’s quality of life in such categories as firm culture, compensation, overall satisfaction and diversity among others. A weighted formula was then used to combine findings from both prestige and quality of life rankings to create one “Best to Work For” category for each region.


The Top 10 Best European Consulting Firms to Work For are:


1.      McKinsey & Company

2.      Bain & Company

3.      Oliver Wyman

4.      Roland Berger Strategy Consultants

5.      OC&C Strategy Consultants

6.      A.T. Kearney Europe

7.      Booz & Company

8.      Frontier Economics Ltd.

9.      Simon-Kucher & Partners

10.  Candesic


The Top 10 Best Asia Pacific Firms to Work for are:


1.      McKinsey & Company

2.      Bain & Company

3.      Booz & Company

4.      Oliver Wyman

5.      A.T. Kearney

6.      NERA Economic Consulting

7.      Roland Berger Strategy Consulting

8.      OC&C Strategy Consultants

9.      Deloitte Consulting LLP

10.  Alvarez & Marsal


“No matter where you are in the world, McKinsey simply cannot be beaten when it comes to prestige,” said Phil Stott, Vault's Consulting Editor.  “But the Quality of Life ratings prove that there's more to McKinsey than just reputation. The firm has clearly stepped up its efforts to attract and retain employees across the board. That effort helped them upend Bain in Vault's rankings in Asia and Europe this year. With that in mind, I'll be paying close attention to see whether they or Bain will emerge as the Best Consulting Firm to Work For in North America when we release those Consulting 50 Rankings later this year.”


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