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by Caroline Ceniza-Levine | December 16, 2009


A lot of jobseekers fret about what job postings say:  I have most but not all requirements,so should I submit anyway?  I amoverqualified, so should I dumb down my resume?  I am afraid to look “old” so should I omit my date ofgraduation? 

Jobseekers also fret about not hearing back after submittingto numerous postings:  There is noname to follow up with!  There isno description of the process!  Isubmitted and then found out the job didn’t exist!

Stop reading job postings!  Job postings are often inaccurate.  Many postings are copy and paste jobs from older postings,and it’s like the game of telephone where over time the true meaning gets lostin transit.  Sometimes postingslinger after the job has changed or been filled.  Sometimes the posting lists a wish list where only 2 or 3 ofthe requirements are actually required. Recruiters have lots to do, and managing the job postings is not top ofthe list. 

Stop reading job postings!  Most jobs are filled by networking.  When you spend the majority of yoursearch time scanning and responding to postings you may feel busy but you arenot being productive.  By focusingon job postings you focus your time on passive, low probabilityactivities.  Essentially, you cedecontrol of your search to the people behind the posting and whether or not theyhappen to read your submission.

To launch a proactive job search, you need to stop readingjob postings and instead find and create opportunities that are tailored toyou.  Know your interests, yourskills, your experience.  Marketthese effectively according to what you offer and where your passion lies, notforce fitting yourself into what any one posting happens to say.  Be bold and put yourself out there, anddon’t rely on someone having to find you among thousands.


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