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March 31, 2009


The quality search

Interviewers, inevitably, seek the ideal candidate. To become this perfect hire, put yourself in the mind of the interviewer. Take a good look at yourself. What does this person look like? How does this person dress, and carry him or herself? Which qualities does this interviewee demonstrate in his or her answers? Increasingly, interviewers will ask behavioral questions -- questions that seek to understand you through the prism of your past behavior and accomplishments. Here's a look at some questions you might receive. These questions are designed to understand how you deal with pressure.

One cool customer

If you're the person who can step into the bloody heart of the fray with ice water in your veins when the office resembles Custer's camp on the Little Bighorn, then you'll be a valuable asset to the company. If, on the other hand, you get frazzled when someone asks for the company's address, you might be a dangerous liability when the bullets start to fly and scalps are being taken. So your interviewer is going to be watching you to see how you handle the stress of the interview and your ability to remain composed. The following are some questions you should know how to answer by the time you're sitting in the hot seat:

  1. You're in customer relations and an unsatisfied customer is complaining bitterly about the product or service. How do you handle the situation?

  2. You've been given multiple tasks. There is no way you can complete all of them on time. What do you do?

  3. Describe some situations that really bother you.

  4. You're right. You know you're right. And, yet, everyone is taking issue with what you say. How do you react?

  5. How well do you handle pressure in the workplace?


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