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March 31, 2009


Other job functions

There is a wide variety of other roles that graduates can perform in the nonprofit sector, including:

Advice Worker

Responding to calls from the public and giving advice on a wide range of issues. Some advice workers are generalists, working in advice bureaus that offer information on a variety of issues: debt, employment, housing, social security and other problems. Others are specialists counselling on one of the above areas or on legal issues, homelessness or drug dependency.


A fundraiser is employed, directly or indirectly, by a charity or related organisation. They are responsible for raising an agreed amount of money through a variety of means. In larger charities, fundraisers will generally be specialists, raising money through one particular method.

Charity Officer

In large organisations, a charity officer will have a specific area, such as project management or strategy development. In smaller charities they will undertake whatever tasks are required, such as applying for grants, administration, budgeting, fundraising, PR and networking.

Community Worker

Community workers will often be employed in areas that are seen as disadvantaged or deprived. Their aim is to help those that are in these communities by developing the necessary skills to improve the quality of life. A community worker can work with individuals, families or whole communities in attempts to change their social circumstances.

Marketing Executive

Marketing executives are involved in planning, advertising, promotion, PR and research, among other areas. The role can vary depending on its focus, whether it is selling a product or raising awareness of a brand or issue.

Personnel Officer

Personnel officers are responsible for creating and implementing policies relating to the effective use of personnel within an organisation. They also need to ensure that the organisation has the right balance of staff in terms of their skills and experience. In addition, they coordinate training and development opportunities for employees, and have a role in selecting candidates for interviews. Other responsibilities include establishing working conditions and advising on pay and other remuneration issues.

Information Officer

An information officer manages and develops the supply and distribution of information in support of an organisation's objectives.


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