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by Connie and Caroline | February 13, 2009


Posted By Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio

Caroline and I usually focus on what candidates need to do right in their job search!  But let’s switch that up a bit.  Let’s focus on what mistakes to avoid in order to land that dream job!


Don’t let the stress overwhelm you, because it can cripple your job search efforts.  This is just one point in time – and your entire life is ahead of you.  If you don’t get a summer internship or a full-time job after you graduate, the world is not going to come to an end.  So shake off those stressful thoughts, and allow your creative juices to flow.  Can you request a summer project from a professor?  Can you do the same, if you don’t have a full-time job for this summer? Of course – why not?!  It will give you good exposure and you’ll learn along the way.  Perhaps that research project could involve informational meetings with corporate types:  not to get a job, but to learn something about their company and thereby get you some exposure.  Not a bad way to go!


Don’t ignore Career Services, even if you think there is nothing they can do for you.  Perhaps the counselor can talk to you about a field you never thought of considering?  Perhaps they have contacts for you to explore?  With the thousands of students they need to deal with, ensure you stand out in the crowd.  Thank them for the help they’ve given so far – as I’m sure they aren’t getting many thank you notes these days!  They will remember you when a last minute opportunity comes their way.


Don’t assume that you are entitled to a job.  This is a tough one.  You did everything right:  your GPA is solid, you took the right classes, and you had great internships.  Yet, there is no full-time job at the end of your rainbow.  Its ok – take a deep breath, and keep trying.  Go for jobs that you never thought you’d consider, and maybe you’ll be surprised.  Life has a way of bringing you through experiences that make you stronger and wiser.


So cheer up … you will get through this and there are better days ahead!


Mistakes Off-Campus / What to Avoid Like the Plague

Posted By Caroline Ceniza-Levine

I agree with Connie that there will always be better days ahead.  That said, this is a tough market and you should expect to work extra hard.  So here’s my perspective on Connie’s comments above:


Maybe you should be stressed…now use that fear.  Some students will be paralyzed into inaction.  Some students will bury their heads in the sand.  Use their fear to get a jump on your search.  Use your own fear to force you into action.  This is not the time to casually drop your resume or to only apply to a few things.  Cast a wide net.  Put yourself out there.  If you aren’t hustling, then you deserve to be stressed.


At best Career Services can just complement whatever you are already doing.  You’re paying for the service so absolutely use it.  But at best Career Services can give you research that you still have to read.  They can coach you but you still have to practice.  They can strategize with you but you still have to execute.  Time spent at Career Services is not time spent on your search.  It’s prep time but it doesn’t directly lead to a job.


You’re not entitled…but you deserve it.  Arrogance is not attractive, but confidence is.  Do you know that you belong at that dream company?  Do you believe that you can benefit your dream employer?  Do you carry yourself like a professional?  It is a mistake to come on too strong, but being too humble is just as bad a mistake. 


So buck up … pull yourself through this and make your tomorrow better than today!


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