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by Cynthia Nevels | March 10, 2009


Dear Cynthia:

I am 28 years old with a degree in Business Management with 5 years experience in high tech sales but I want tomove into product marketing. However, I have had a tough time moving into that area of business although salesand marketing seem very close in duties. I have submitted my resume for 6 sales positions and have had 5interviews for those jobs and I have submitted my resume in response to numerous core marketing job openingsbut have only had 2 interviews out of probably 50 postings. I have started looking at resume writing services butthere are so many and so expensive. Do have any suggestions for transitioning into a new career path?

Travis of Houston, TX


Dear Travis:

Your transition from one career profession to another is common and can beeased with a quality career-marketing plan. Resume postings and submissions can be more harmful than helpful ifthe information on the resume is wrong. Resumes should be created to illustrate your direct experience yetdeveloped to highlight specific areas of focus to fit your targeted position. One resume does not fit all. I wouldsuggest putting together a targeted career-marketing plan, see my article on creating a career-marketing plan.Thoroughly research the product marketing profession, evaluate the current skills you possess that fit the productmarketing description and fill in the gaps where you are missing skill sets that will help seal your transition into theparallel area. Professional resume services can help you dot your eyes and cross your T's however, conduct yourresearch on top 10 companies you would like to consider joining, go the site to assess their product marketingpositions and build your resume from there based on actual experiences and skills you possess. It is reverse jobsearching but it works.


Dear Cynthia:

I've been with my company now for a little over a year, well when I initially took the position it was a split betweenHR Coordinator/Receptionist. I am complacent with the position but I feel its not going to take me anywhereprofessionally. Our company is relocating and I will become the full-time receptionist at the new location. I am nothappy about this and this leads to the dilemma I'm facing. I have recently applied for other HR positions outside ofmy present company. I really do not want to continue on with this company unless I am in HR. I'm torn between twoprofessions right now. What if I get the other job? Can you give me some "professional" advice as to what I shoulddo?

Dilemma in Dallas


Dear Dilemma:

I can feel your professional angst in your note. You are wondering which way to turn. You have technically one yearof experience, your company is relocating and you are not sure if you are ready to take the big plunge into anothercompany. Change is difficult and career changes at any level are disruptive to your life. It sounds to me that youshould consider your options carefully, assess your experience and prepare yourself for the next step in yourcareer. Jobs are found yet careers are formed. Forming a career in human resources is not an easy task. It takeseducation, perhaps a certification in human resources, on-the-job development and more training to understandgeneral HR principles, specific HR legal practices, compensation and benefits which can differ state-to-state andcompany-to-company. Perhaps joining your local Society for Human Resource Manager association or staffinggroup will connect you with the people and network you need to understand your goals, learn more about theprofession and ease your fear of job transitioning. Who knows you may find recruiting, labor relations or employeetraining fits your needs better.

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