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by Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio | May 19, 2009


Searching for a job is a roller coaster ride!  There are some days when you are flying high and there are other days when you are in a free fall and your stomach is in your throat.  Having a positive attitude is the one thing that will support your entire job search process.  If you’re attitude isn’t right, you don’t want to do research, you don’t want to networking and you can’t interview because recruiters can sniff out a bad attitude about 7 miles away!  In January 2009, 4.5 million Americans landed a job and in February 2009, 4.4 million Americans got jobs.  Be one of them by using these strategies for keeping your attitude where it needs to be … in the positive column:


Take care of yourself inside & out:  As Fernando Llamas and Billy Crystal used to say “it’s better to look good than to feel good” … so aim for both because not looking your best will affect your attitude!  Even if it’s just a 30 minute walk every day, those endorphins will kick in and you will feel better.  If you are cost conscious & want to skip hair cuts or getting rid of some premature grey hair, there are low cost alternatives. 


Positive in, positive out:  You should read the paper to keep up on what is going on, but stay away from the crime stats, bankruptcy filings, and the like.  Watch movies that are uplifting.  Read books that are positive and encouraging.  Do not spend time with negative people as they are like crabs in a bucket.  As Al Pacino said in Godfather III:  every time I try to get out they pull you back!”


Network:  Networking is about developing a long term, mutually beneficial relationship of give & take, with the emphasis on the “give”.  Try these open ended questions and you’ll start to meet a lot of people who will think very positively about you & keep you in mind should they hear about any openings:  a) how did you get in the X business?,  b) what do you enjoy doing most about what you do?, c) what separates your company from the competition, d) what significant changes have taken place in your profession through the years?, e) what do you see as the trends in your business?  Ask them and see what type of response you get.  I’ll guarantee you, use any 2 of these questions, and you’ll not even to a third.  They are that powerful.  And remember the follow up to these questions:  LISTEN!  Good listeners are few and far between and they will be remembered.


Join a job search support group or power group.  Find other people that are in the same situation you are in, and meet once a week to support one another and trade leads and tips, and help to troubleshoot what may not be going well. But make sure it’s a positive group.  I’ve seen an emergence of these groups lately … so check your local paper.  In my neighborhood in Staten Island, New York, St. Clare’s Church has an Employment Group that meets every Tuesday from 7 – 9 pm.  If you can’t find a local group, think of creating one yourself, or join a virtual group on  There are at least two dozen groups that share info virtually.


Attitude is everything!  If it’s not right, you cannot possibly conduct a proactive and effective job search.  Do what you need to do to get it right.   Sometimes, people need to get the negative thoughts out … speak them to a good friend, write them down on a piece of paper, and be done with it.   Life is short!  Get your attitude right and get that job!!


Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio is a career coach and co-founder of  SixFigureStart and has worked for the bluest of blue chips for the past 25 years.


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