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by Vault Careers | April 06, 2021


Freelancers can be an incredible resource for businesses, particularly small businesses. Quite often, there are jobs that need doing, but only on a part-time or rolling basis. I.e., there's too much work to give to a current employee on top of their regular job, but there's not enough to hire another full-time employee to do it. Freelancers are a great way to get this work done without paying out the nose. Freelancers can also offer companies expertise in areas that full-time employees may not be able to adequately cover, like IT or social media, if these areas are not your business' forte. In other words, freelancers can keep you running at full speed, even with a small staff.

So how do you go about hiring freelancers? Headway Capital has created this infographic to guide businesses, particularly small businesses, in hiring the best in expert freelancers for their needs.


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