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by Stacey Simonelli | April 01, 2009


By Stacey Simonelli

Can a weekly fifteen minute break become a key employee benefit? When the breaks consist of on-site visits by a chiropractor and a massage therapist, the answer appears to be yes. As Manager of Human Resources and Administration at a technology company, I am always searching for useful, low-cost employee benefits to help retain and attract good employees. This particular wellness program has been non-disruptive, simple to run, and a pleasure.

On-site chiropractic and massage therapy was initially suggested by one of our company directors who had benefited from this kind of care. After doing a bit of research, we found that we could host on-site sessions for the entire staff with no cash outlay by the company. All we had to provide was an office or conference room and the approval of our insurance company. The practitioners handled the scheduling of the 15-minute sessions, the billing of the insurance company, and the required liability/malpractice insurance. The employees simply payed their normal co-pay for each session.

Participation optional
Participation is entirely voluntary. Some people choose chiropractic, some choose massage therapy and some want both. All of the techniques are non-invasive and the employees are not required to remove any clothing.

Low maintenance
The program is easy to run. Employees set up their own appointment via e-mail. We forward the list of interested employees the day before the practitioners are scheduled to come. The practitioners take over the administration from there so that no one waits in line. Employees are away from their desks for a maximum of 20 minutes. This program's design and time-sensitive approach allows for the delivery of effective care with virtually no interruption to the general conduct of business.

Easing the strain
Reducing physical strain is a priority in my company where information workers spend most of the day seated in front of the computer. A chiropractor can pinpoint shortcomings in an employee's workstation while treating stresses and injuries in the body. They can then help employees adjust their furniture to avoid repetitive stress injuries.

~Shrink to fit
The programs can be adjusted to meet the employees' needs. Available services include: chiropractic evaluation and treatment, seated massage therapy, rehabilitative exercise instruction, trigger point therapy, and nutritional advice. Weight loss clinics, personalized exercise instruction, educational seminars, and ergonomic workstation evaluation and redesign are also available.

Since implementation our staff participation has steadily increased. Several more employees join the program each month. Having now completed our initial 9-month trial, we have decided to continue the program. A quality-of-life benefit that is popular, easy to administrate and requires no cash outlay is one that I can wholeheartedly support.

Stacey Simonelli is the Manager of Human Resources and Administration at a technology company. If you would like more information about setting up a wellness programs with a chiropractor and a massage therapist, you may contact Stacey Simonelli at


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