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by Vault Careers | March 10, 2009

This site, co-sponsored by the CAS and SOA, serves as an excellent introduction for would-be actuaries looking for a career in the field. It has many links to a variety of resources across the Internet.
The homepage of the Society of Actuaries. This extremely valuable site includes a job board, networking contacts and actuarial exam study guides and enrollment information.
The homepage of the Casualty Actuarial Society. This site includes much of the latest research for actuaries in the casualty and insurance fields. It, too, includes a job board and networking information, and cross-links heavily with the SOA site.
The American Academy of Actuaries. This group is involved in research and best-practices for the industry, from pensions and insurance to expanding fields of actuarial practice. It publishes Contingencies, a journal that keeps actuaries up to date on the latest thinking in the field.
The Actuarial Board for Counseling and Discipline. This group serves as the overseer of the Code of Actuarial Conduct and violations thereof.
The Actuarial Foundation. This not-for-profit group helps educate the public as to what actuaries can do. They sponsor public outreach and educational efforts, help conduct research into actuarial science and provide a variety of scholarships.
The International Association of Black Actuaries. This group promotes African-Americans in the actuarial field.
The Actuarial Standards Board. This group gets into the minutiae of good practices for actuaries.
The American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries. This is a professional group for actuaries in the pension industry. It hosts conferences and publishes the latest research into pension activities.
The Conference of Consulting Actuaries. A great resource for those considering entering the consulting field. This group holds annual conferences and smaller gatherings, and provides a lot of networking opportunities.


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