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by Connie and Caroline | December 10, 2008


Posted By Caroline Ceniza-Levine

The number of unemployed college graduates is at an all-time high. Having a degree does not guarantee a job.  Factor in the increasing cost of college and the resulting student loan debt when you’re just starting out, and college may seem like a negative proposition.  But take heart:  even at the current unemployment rate of 6.7%, it means that more than 9 of 10 people have jobs.  How do you get in that group of 9?  Most importantly, how do you get, not just any job, but the job that you want?

The days are long gone when you can have a mediocre resume and average interview skills.  Today’s successful hires will have a brand that includes not just a resume but an online profile, stellar correspondence and an enticing pitch.  They will engage an interviewer with storytelling, specific details, and tangible, value-added accomplishments.  Success in today’s job market means that you stand apart from your competition by getting to the jobs first, being the best candidate, and following through to the offer with aplomb.  Today’s successful hires stand apart from start to finish.

Do you have a target sector (industry and functional area) where you know its business drivers, emerging trends, and top competitors?

Does your resume show measurable achievements?

Can you name at least five companies where you know what they do and where you might fit?

Do you have a network of at least 100 contacts who know you by name and will return your email/ phone call?

Can you describe in detail your favorite project?

Do you have a system for regularly following up with job leads?

If you answered no to any of the above, you need to get back to basics.  We have 60 requirements just like the above that we require of our coaching clients.  We then practice, troubleshoot and refine what our clients have until it’s ready for market.  This is what your competition will be like.  Are you ready?


Competition On-Campus / How To Stand Apart

Posted By Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio

If you haven’t yet landed either a full-time job or a summer internship, you’ll need three characteristics to be successful:  1) be knowledgeable about what is available, 2) be tenacious and 3) be proactive. 

  1. Be knowledgeable:  Meet with Career Services and bring them up to speed on what you’ve done thus far and ask for their guidance.  Perhaps you have interviewed and not done well.  Before you exhaust every potential interview, ask them to conduct a mock interview so you can improve.  Those who practice improve.  Those who don’t, don’t!  Career Services often times will know of companies that come onto campus late during the season and perhaps you can be considered.  They also know of companies that perhaps received a “reneg” from another student and then you can be considered for the opportunity.  The bottom line is you don’t know what they know, so you have to ask.
  2. Be tenacious:  know that you will get placed and that it is just a matter of time.  Don’t walk around with a defeatist mentality.  Be upbeat and have laser focus and don’t let anything sway you from your goal of landing employment.  Speak to your professors.  Many of them come from the working world and have excellent contacts.  They will most likely love to make the connection for you, so don’t hesitate to discuss your plight with them.  This works with Teaching Assistant’s as well. 
  3. Be proactive:  speak to everyone you can speak to about jobs.  How many students are in your school?  They are perfect people to network with.  Let’s leave the competition factor out of this equation and start helping each other.  Perhaps you have a contact in an industry that they are interested in. Make that connection for them and perhaps they have a great connection for you.  What goes around comes around.  Plus, this is the holiday season which is another way of saying it’s prime networking season.  Get out there and meet people and talk to them about their careers and ask who they can introduce you to.

If you possess these three characteristics, it’s just a matter of time before you land something.  Go for it!  There is no better time than now.


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