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by Vault Careers | May 10, 2011


With graduation season right around the corner, seniors will be glad to read the following piece of commentary from BusinessWeek: "The job prospects for the more than 1.6 million college students graduating this year will be the best since 2008."

Good news indeed. (Seniors: in case you missed it amidst all the partying studying and exam pressure, 2008 was the year the financial crisis destroyed the economy as we knew it, ushering in uncertainty and the coining of terms like Generation Crunch to describe those who had the misfortune to be graduating in the past couple of years.)

The news is even better if you happen to be graduating with the sort of skills likely to be in demand by the tech, finance, or energy industries: BusinessWeek points out that "emerging areas such as social media, mobile applications, and e-commerce are fueling rapid hiring at big companies […] as well as venture capital-backed startups."

The big companies name-checked in the piece likely won't come as much of a surprise to anyone even fleetingly acquainted with the tech field: Google and Apple.

A little further from the beaten path, however, is the inclusion of Zynga "the biggest maker of online games on Facebook," which "is hiring about 130 college gras this year, 35 percent more than last year."

Of course, three companies does not a hiring rebound make; the BusinessWeek piece also points to stats showing that online job postings have rebounded, as well as the number of companies taking part in campus recruitment events.

All of which seems to spell at least the promise of better times ahead. And even if you don't wind up finding a job, at least you'll be safe in the knowledge that—with the likes of Zynga ramping up production—you're not likely to run out of ways to kill all that free time.

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