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by Caroline Ceniza-Levine | August 06, 2009


One of my most popular workshops is Troubleshooting Your JobSearch.  People probably relate tothe notion of problems in the search and how to fix these.  In general, we often hone in on whatisn’t working, what could be better, what we don’t yet have.  However, an integral part of success inthe job search is based on the opposite of troubleshooting – identifying andbuilding on your job search wins.

Identify what isworking well in your search. Perhaps you are getting a lot of first round interviews.  Perhaps the way you introduce yourselfat networking events elicits curiosity. Perhaps you are hearing encouragement for a business idea or a trendthat you have identified.  Keep alog of these wins, however small, and look for patterns.

Translate these winselsewhere.  If you are gettingfirst round interviews, how are you doing that?  Are you an effective networker?  Perhaps you can apply your networking savvy to later pointsin the job search or to expanding your opportunities.  Is it the resume that gets these interviews?  Perhaps you need to weave more of yourresume descriptions and examples into your interview responses to move furtheralong.  In other words, apply whatyou are doing well in one area into the next phase of your search.

Cultivate anenvironment that supports success. In addition to specific activities or actions that create wins, yourdesk, your schedule, and your routine create a winning (or not)environment.  Look at when, whereand how you do your best work.  Ifit is in the morning that you do your best research, then block that time forresearch and schedule other things at other times.  If you know that a clear desk makes you more productive,budget time each week or every few days for cleaning and organizing, knowingthat you will get these hours back in increased productivity.

Success in the job search is not just about finding problemsand fixing them.  It is also aboutrecognizing when things are good, identifying why this is so and building onthese job search successes. 

 CarolineCeniza-Levine is a career coach, writer, speaker, Gen Yexpert and co-founder of SixFigureStart (,a career coaching firm comprised of former Fortune 500 recruiters.


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