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by Jeff Berlent | March 31, 2009


Human assets are the most important assets of any company - and that means a great recruiter can mean the difference between financial success and ruin. Recruiters are the ones on the front lines, the voice box of a company, the public relations director, ad agency, and top producer all in one. How do we help our companies become the elite companies of the world? In my opinion we must do five things before each and every interview:

  • Come up with five reasons why your company is amazing to work for. Think of reasons why you are at your company when there are so many others to choose from.
  • Come up with five reasons why you are great at what you do. Confidence is key for the person looking for a job, but it is even more important for recruiters, because we are selling a potential superstar on joining our company.
  • Empathize with the person you're interviewing. Look over this person's resume with admiration and respect and ask yourself: what is something about this person I can respect and admire? Do not start your interview until you come up with at least 5 reasons. (He/She is a leader, President of Student Body, likes to travel, etc).
  • Remember your success stories. View your greatest hires as your own children whom you have seen grow up and become successful. Think of your best hires and how well they are doing for the company. Think of how great it makes you feel that you have had such a great impact on the company.
  • Get excited: stand up straight, put your shoulders back, take a deep breath, smile and get yourself so excited about working for your company that when you shake your applicant's hand for the first time hefeels that they finally found the job they always wanted.
  • Passion and profits go hand in hand, and things work best when you are at your best. Be your best every day by incorporating these five exercises into your routine and you will see everyone at your company profiting from your experience.

    Jeff Berlent is the Director of Recruiting for the JB Sutton Group, a brokerage firm located in Long Island, New York. He was formerly a Senior Peak Performance Consultant for Anthony Robbins and Associates, where he conducted seminars on Employee Motivation, Peak Performance, and The Psychology of Success for the world's largest companies. Jeff also is an accomplished writer who has been published in major publications. He can be reached via e-mail at


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