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by Vault Careers | February 10, 2016


In these modern times, the place of the individual in the workplace is slowly but surely starting to gain ground. Gone are the days when workers can be merely labelled as "spokes in the corporate wheel". While not all of us have the capability to become great leaders, the mere fact that most businesses and corporations are now encouraged to work more for the betterment and enrichment of the individual should be enough to inspire you to freely seek newer heights in your chosen career, and, in the process, allow your talents to fully blossom.


The Culprit Could Be You 

It's difficult for most of us to admit our faults, but if you are having a dilemma in something as significant as your career, you should always be open to admitting you weaknesses as well For instance, can you handle negativity well? Are you afraid to take the proverbial leap? Are you open to advice from others? If you answered in the negative to any of these three questions, then you could very well be the one holding yourself back. 

What's good is that with positive thinking (not without the invaluable support of people who are willing to help you all the way), you will always have the will to accomplish your goals. The importance of looking for someone for guidance, may they be a mentor or anyone who is willing to guide you along the way, could not be stressed more as well When you are looking for inspiration in advancing your career, just remember these golden pieces of advice.


1. Keep Negativity at Bay

Do not waste time and energy in doubting yourself, your strengths and talents.  Negativity will only ever cripple you, so you should shield yourself from it as much as possible. Acknowledge criticisms, constructive or destructive, but make it a point to never let them get the better of you. On the contrary, you should use them as a motivation to improve and surpass not only them but yourself as well. 


2. Don't Just Focus on Working Hard, Find Ways to Work Smarter Too 

Always remember that a good balance between the two is enough to catapult anyone to success. Find the time to analyze where you currently stand and create a sound and solid plan before taking action. Always remember that those who think out of the box, the ones who are not afraid to take risks, are the ones who ultimately make it to the top and realize their career goals. But, of course, taking risks and grabbing opportunities should always be coupled with careful thinking and analysis. 


3. Look for Wisdom and Guidance

Not only in yourself but from others as well. For instance, you might be at the point in your life when it's the perfect time to take a career guidance test or a self assessment test career. These tests are good at gauging what type of career suits you, based on your overall value as an individual and not solely on your skills and what you're good at. One other good option is career transition counseling, especially if you are deciding on shifting to a completely new career. The advice that you can get from them could prove to be the catalyst that would change your life for the better.


4. Don't Just Mindlessly Conform to the Status Quo. Be Open to Change 

As stated earlier, there is an on-going revolution in today's workplace. You should not allow yourself to be subject to complacency and passiveness. Most endeavors never survive for long with this kind of thinking. Place importance on new thoughts and opinions that you are sure would introduce change for the better. People who think and act dynamically are the ones who never run out of ideas and opportunities to help them achieve their dreams. You should never be afraid to put your ideas into action. In the end, it's all about having enough courage and will to aspire, to take flight.


5. Yearn to Highlight Your Individuality 

This may sound selfish, but this is really important, especially in the corporate and professional world. If you allow yourself to be a robot, only following orders from your superiors and immersing yourself in your day-to-day tasks alone, then you could very well have condemned yourself to a dead-end job. 

Placing importance in your individuality raises self-awareness and self-confidence. These are two important factors that you need to have in order to attain true harmony and happiness in your chosen career. With them, you can finally answer vital questions like, "Does my current career suit me?" and "Do I still have passion in what I'm doing?"


Author Bio:

Steve Bohler is the founder and head career coach at The Oxford Program. He holds an international certification in job & career transition coaching. He manages and guides various people looking to find their suitable careers. Steve's passion is towards helping people discover their natural talents and natural vocation.



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