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by Vault Careers | October 26, 2011


In today's competitive market, many job seekers are taking work outside their field in order to bring in a steady income, but there are some things that candidates who remain dedicated to working in their chosen industry can do to find the position they are best suited for.

1. Look for a mutual match

Career expert Alison Green said that job seekers need to make sure they don't lose sight of the the most important thing they can do in an interview - decide whether they are a good match for the position and if the employer is a good fit for their long-term career goals.

Green said that job seekers should approach their search in the same way they would on their first date. She said candidates need to engage in two-way conversations during an interview to determine whether the job is the one they really want.

2. Ask questions

Job seekers need to go into an interview prepared to answer tough questions, but also ready to ask about important aspects of the opening to figure out if the job is in line with their skills. Candidates need to also consider the work environment and the managers he or she may be working with, before deciding if they would accept a job offer.

3. Make the most of a resume

Candidates need to make sure they update their resumes to include the most recent and relevant information. Social media and job search consultant Miriam Salpeter said job seekers also need to target they way they conduct their job search by making sure their skills match a potential employer's needs. Individual resumes should always be tailored for each position to include the why and how a candidate's qualifications fit the job description.

4. Act like an expert

Salpeter said that it's key that job seekers use all of the tools available to them to position themselves as an expert in their field. She suggested that candidates not only create profiles on social and professional websites like LinkedIn and Facebook, but that they actively manage the accounts to enhance their online reputation.

5. Stay positive

According to a 2009 survey by the University of Missouri, the right attitude can help people land new jobs. While it may be a challenge to remain positive in today's tight economy, job seekers need to project self confidence and professionalism during every step of the job hunt.

--Published courtesty of Brafton


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