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by Connie and Caroline | September 28, 2009


Posted by Caroline Ceniza-Levine

An active job search entails lots of email – to prospective employers, to recruiters, to networking targets, to friends who help you along the way. Yet, many jobseekers don’t stop to look at their email habits to see if they are maximizing this powerful but easily overlooked tool:

Have a professional signature. Put a professional send off (e.g., thank you, sincerely, best regards), not a comedic or overly personal one (e.g., Rock on, Have a blessed day). Don’t forget all of your contact info – phone, personal URL if that reflects well professionally.

Put your LinkedIn hyperlink in your email signature. Many times you email for networking, and attaching a resume is presumptuous. The link to your online profile is less imposing but gives people an invitation to check out your background. Even when you network for informational purposes the people you approach will want to know your background.

Know standard email message protocols. Emails are shorter than hard copy letters, so don’t paste a standard cover letter into the email body because it will be too long. The greeting is more familiar with just the Name being acceptable, as opposed to Dear Name. Make sure the subject reflects the discussion. If a discussion thread changes, change the subject to reflect the new matter being discussed.


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