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by Connie and Caroline | September 01, 2009


by Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio

Looking for a job can be a tough exercise to go through. So, instead of complaining and wallowing in something that can be unpleasant, turn it around using the following 10 motivators to make it a worthwhile experience:

Tip #1: Reward yourself for every 10 new networking contacts you make. Rewards could include going out for a movie, getting a manicure, catching up with a good friend.

Tip #2: Put 10 of your favorite, most upbeat songs on your ipod and listen to that whenever you get discouraged

Tip #3: Prioritize – there is something about doing the most important things first that just energizes you! I just sent out a proposal & feel great because it was 4 pages long & finally read very well! Hopefully, business will follow.

Tip #4: Learn something and then nothing is wasted. I just hung up from a client who is laboring through a job search, but she’s focused and keeps moving on. And, she told me that she has learned so much more about herself going through this process, that it’s made it all worthwhile.

Tip #5: Forget Television - I heard about a recent study that asked people how many hours they thought they watched TV, and after recording actual TV watching hours, it was 50% more than they thought! Use that time for something more productive … like exercise, or volunteering. It will make you feel terrific.

Tip #6: Start off your day with a positive affirmation. There are so many to choose from. Mine is a very private prayer I found about 6 months ago that starts the day in a very peaceful way with a giving spirit. It makes a huge difference for me.

Tip #7: Enjoy the present because it’s not all bad! We are so fortune to have what we have. My friend Nancy started a gratitude journal and it’s helped so much.

Tip #8: Laugh – really hard – at least 1 time per day. If it’s a favorite movie or a favorite memory – tell someone about it and laugh. Look for the humor in life because it is all around us!

Tip #9: Get some sun – everyone needs that vitamin D to feel great & refreshed – especially in a tough market.

Tip #10: De-clutter a closet – again a great energy lifter not to be under estimated! Rule of thumb – if you haven’t worn it in 2 years, you won’t ever wear it again so give it to people who can use it.

Some of these tips are directly related to the job search and some are just out right energy boosters. Use them to better yourself and better your search!


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