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Legal Career Spotlight: From Private Practice to Dean of Students to Belonging Consulting

by Kaitlin McManus | October 18, 2019

After several years of private practice, this attorney took her passion for mentoring and professional advocacy skills to academia, and later founded a consultancy aimed at belonging and true inclusion. Read more about her career path and her advice on what belonging means in the workplace.

Legal Career Spotlight: Supreme Court Clerk to BigLaw Associate to Academia

by Kaitlin McManus | October 01, 2019

When it comes to legal careers, David Van Zandt has done it all: clerking at the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, practicing in BigLaw, and eventually moving into academia, culminating in his current role as president of The New School. He sat down to chat with Vault about his incredible career path.

Legal Career Spotlight: Real Estate Attorney to Stress and Resilience Expert

by Kaitlin McManus | June 04, 2019

After facing burnout, this former attorney left her legal career to become a consultant on stress and resiliency. Read more about her path and her advice on being intentional about your career choices.

From Law to Layer Cakes: Q&A With Helene Godin of By the Way Bakery

by Kaitlin McManus | February 11, 2019

Meet Helene Godin—she kissed her career in media law goodbye to open up a successful chain of bakeries, proving that you really can do anything with a law degree.

Changing Your Mindset: From Law to Consulting

by McKinsey & Co | September 19, 2018

Consultants come from a myriad of backgrounds. Follow one consultant’s journey from law school to McKinsey’s Nairobi office.

From BigLaw to the Big Screen

by Mary Kate Sheridan | April 29, 2018

Jason Kessler is a former BigLaw lawyer who left the law behind to become a screenwriter and filmmaker. Vault spoke to him about his career and how his legal background helps him in his current work.

Alternative Legal Career: Riverkeeper

by Mary Kate Sheridan | April 10, 2018

Jesse Iliff is the South Riverkeeper for the South River Federation, located in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Jesse’s tasks include advocacy,...

Top 10 Tips for First-Year Associates

by O'Melveny & Myers LLP | December 05, 2017

Top tips on how to get the most out of your first year as a law associate

Drew Shoals is a Literal Rock Star Lawyer

by Matt Moody | September 22, 2016

Vault interviews Drew Shoals on how he went from being a professional drummer to being a BigLaw associate, and then back to drumming again for the band Train and what the two careers have in common.

A Legal Reporter on Covering the Law

by Matt Moody | March 08, 2016

Blake Edwards is self-proclaimed "recovering lawyer covering law"—a legal journalist for Bloomberg BNA  who was previously a Circuit Court clerk,...

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