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by Steve Todd | September 27, 2010


As an inventor I have witnessed a fairly distinctive pattern of intrapreneurship within my own multi-national corporation (EMC).

The employees that are the most successful at advancing their ideas through the corporate maze tend to operate using a fairly well-defined rhythm. The chart below breaks down this rhythm into a set of discrete steps that can be learned and practiced by creative employees world-wide.


7 habits of highly effective intrapreneurs

Although this diagram is cyclical, intrapreneurs-in-training cannot simply jump on at any given point in the cycle. It is imperative that their very first step be the practice and discipline of productivity. Intrapreneurs by their very nature are productive; they know how to produce new products or services based on their own ideas.

What separates an intrapreneur from the many productive employees that can be found in any corporation? The answer is that they continue to take initiative beyond their required duties.

Over the course of the next several weeks this blog will dive into these seven steps in detail. Many of these steps are already described in the book Innovate with Influence.

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