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by Steve Todd | June 30, 2011


I have been writing for for the better part of two years. Today marks my last post as I devote more time to the running of EMC’s Global Innovation Network.

I started this blog with the intention of sharing my thoughts about the global job market for high-tech. In particular, I was interested in helping interested readers move their careers towards the never ending innovation opportunities that can be found in my industry.

How did I do? Out of 53 blog posts……

Twenty-two were tagged with “career." Many of these posts focused on some of the more compelling job opportunities in high-tech. For example, Big Data Scientists will be a hot field for years to come. Careers in cloud computing can be accelerated by achieving certification. Learning the attributes of an intrapreneur can help you no matter what high-tech field you are in. Careers in Information Technology are changing at a rapid pace. For a full list of all career-related posts, read here.

Twenty-one were tagged with “innovation.” Perhaps the most popular posts on this subject related to a set of interview strategies for determining the innovation culture of your potential employer. What is the corporate stand on ivory towers? Does the corporation have a well-defined backbone? How are ideas solicited and incubated within the company? What are the opportunities for innovation with customers? These articles, and many others, provide a good primer for starting a career in innovation. For the full list, read here.

Twenty-one posts were tagged with “technology.” There is no doubt that in order to increase your value in the industry you must keep pace with emerging technology and trends. In particular, what are the current strategies for handling the tidal wave of information? What technologies are used to capture information? Are you aware of the centrality of disk arrays in an enterprise? Have you learned about the deduplication strategy for storing less data? These posts, and many more, can educate and inform the high-tech job seeker.

As I move on to a new role within my own corporation (EMC), I continue to be amazed at the global opportunities available for high-tech employees. I will continue to write about my experiences with global high-tech on my Information Playground blog. Please drop me a line in the comment section.

All the best in your career endeavors!

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