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by Derek Loosvelt | March 25, 2011


Yesterday it was mentioned here that JPMorgan Chase's debonair leading man Jamie Dimon received a pop star-like welcome when, earlier this week, he visited and addressed his Japanese fans (a.k.a. JPMorgan's Japanese staff). It was also mentioned that The Dimon Boy was the only big Wall Street CEO to make a trip to the Far East to speak to his staff still working amidst tragedy. However, today it was revealed that another chief executive officer from a bulge bracket bank made the voyage to Japan: Morgan Stanley's James Gorman.

And unlike the admiration and snapping cameras aimed Dimon's way, Gorman's presence was met with ... crickets. According to a person on hand for Gorman's (quick) pep talk:

"His Town Hall Session started at 11:45 a.m. and ended by 12. Five minutes into the session, he opened it up for Q&A, and not a single employee asked a question. The CEO of MS Japan was visibly embarrassed and stuttered 'somebody please ask a question … there's got to be at least one question out there' and a few management committee members asked rhetorical questions and it was over. He didn't walk the halls like Jamie and he didn't bring boxes of pizza like Jamie. He flew out just an hour ago … not sure why he came."

Which leads me to this question: what would you have asked Gorman if given the chance?

As well as this: how the heck does Gorman not know that the first rule of Town Halls is feed the masses or else they'll turn on you?

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