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by Derek Loosvelt | December 06, 2010


Sunday night, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared on CBS News' "60 Minutes." During his 20-minute interview with Lesley Stahl, in addition to revealing the new look of 500 million Facebook pages worldwide, Zuckerberg made several things very clear (and didn't break a sweat):

1.0 A Facebook IPO is not, and never has been, the goal. In fact, if you're a business owner yourself and think that selling your business or taking it public is the gold at the end of the rainbow, you're a fool in Zuckerberg's unblinking eyes.

2.0 If you're as tech geeky and code proficient as Zuckerberg, Facebook -- and not Google -- is now the place to be. (Interviewer Lesley Stahl even pointed out that a couple hundred Facebook engineers formerly worked for Sergey and Larry.)

3.0 If there's one decision Zuckerberg got right and his fellow Facebook employees and shareholders got wrong it was his refusal to accept Yahoo!'s proposal to buy Facebook. (As you may recall, in 2006, Yahoo! offered Zuckerberg $1 billion for Facebook. Zuckerberg balked at the deal, despite receiving inside pressure, and today, less than four years later, Facebook is worth an estimated $35 billion.)

4.0 "The Social Network" (the movie) has inspired scores of nerds and non nerds to start their own companies. And to major in math.

5.0 The one thing "The Social Network" got right was Zuckerberg's wardrobe.

6.0 Zuckerberg has learned how to be rather articulate, and less uncomfortable, on camera.

7.0 The infamous Winkelvoss brothers appear to be -- how shall I put this nicely -- identical tools. (Note their agreement to be filmed side by side while pretending to be vigorously tapping away on their MacBooks in a poorly decorated apartment not befitting two dudes who were paid $65 million to go away).

8.0 Speed chess is how Facebook employees unwind.

9.0 Skateboarding through the Facebook office is another way.

10.0 Zuckerberg still likes to hack.



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